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In the task of editing the existing wiki Web-Based Strategies, initially authored by Joey Dabell in 2008, I had two major objectives in mind.

The first was to add to the academic content already present in the wiki. Many of the existing topics were presented in a fairly general fashion, or if you like, a little bit about everything, nothing too specific. I added two main section to the wiki: Web-Based Design Challenges and Design Models. In these sections I attempted to expand on some general web based strategies with more specific problems, assertions, and examples. It would be extremely nieve to believe that my contributions to these topics are exhaustive, but the wiki reader may leave this page with some web based strategies set in a usable context.

Secondly, I hoped to add to the academic references of the wiki, both for the page itself, by selfishly also. My last course ETEC 500 was a research course, and I was hoping to continue to augment my rudimentary research skills. It has been a very long time ago in my undergraduate degree that I did any research, and the internet was a science fiction concept at that time.

Along the way, other factors came into play. While looking for other wikis to link to this page, I discovered some very interesting topics authored by my peers in ETEC 510. While I am not going to jump into Wikipedia, the concepts of authoring or editing a wiki may be put into practice in my classroom in the near future. I continue to be amazed at the connectivness of the Net, finding myself following interesting links, quite often far from my original search, and far into the night. The editing features of this wiki are far easier to use than I first thought. I did steal many of the formats from the original author, or from other wiki pages. I conclude that this is normal.

In closing, future wiki users should either draft their wiki entries in word before they upload them, or they should use word's spellcheck and grammar capabilities to edit later. I have become so relient on these features that I had a moment of panic when I discovered the wiki did not include spell check.