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Hi anyone - I welcome all comments - hello? anyone there?? anyone? Bueller... Bueller... Linda

Mary's Comments

This is a really well written and organized entry. It is clearly well researched and organized with lots of links and a variety of organizational strategies -- tables, bulleted lists and so on...

These kinds of list-like structures can be difficult for people to translate in some meaningful way to an authentic context for learning. Perhaps provide one or two examples of online learning environments that demonstrate some of these design features.

The use of yellow to signal the 'for dummies' context is clever and effective

Gagne's work is cognitive, but actually very behavioral in the focus on manipulating external features to control or have an impact on thinking/internal representations... What do you see as the theoretical and conceptual limitations of this model?

Good representation of complex material.

Barb's comments Linda, your posting was a "must print" for me. It was certainly jam packed with good, and useful information about learning/pedagogy. Your layout is well-organized, and easy on the eyes and loaded with links to other unfamiliar territories. With so much material and information at our fingertips its good to be reminded of the basic tenets of "learning".

Linda's reply

Hi Barb,

Thank you for your kind comments. I really enjoyed putting this together and I appreciate the positive feedback. All the best to you.

Marc's comments

Perused a couple pages prior to yours and am developed a `scroll test’ approach – scroll through the page, see if I am interested in terms of interest generated and apparent ease of intelligibility.

The yellow bar and pictures generate draw attention while the colour coding, headings and tables enhances ease of intelligibility. Realized on reading that not colour coded in sense I though with different colours to differentiate theories of learning and the same colour to link related concepts (behaviourist & constructivist same colour). Very “friendly” page, accessible to the learner.

The “Tip” is clever, consistent with the theme and useful in terms of application.

The organizational structure worked well - where it came from, what it is, how it can be used.

Bookmarked your page as will revisit the “See also” at a future time, very useful, thank you.