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Well, this is a start, but as is common with many projects there really is no end in sight! I'd love to add more detail about the history of both Nelson and Engelbart, about how both were involved with the social movements of the 1960's and how that influenced their work (Nelson with Computer Lib, and Engelbart with the EST group in 1970). More detail could be added to hyperfiction and hypermedia, as well as how hypertext brought about the WWW. The commentary section also needs 'beefing up'. I feel images can be useful, yet I'm not absolutely sure that the images I used are copyright free - I think they are, but I got confused with downloading many images. This is something I'd need to sure of in a public iteration. KlintworthRichard 04:08, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Fascinating discoveries with Hypertext

I have done some additional research into this area. My interest in hypertext started with the convention and affordance of the blue colour of the letters. The fact that once the scroll crosses the letters, the hand invites an action. This action leads to new ideas, concepts, knowledge. Connecting this knowledge building to relevant educational theories became the next step. I began to see the links of the affordance of hypertext to connectivism and chaos theory. This then led me to how hypertext informs and affords learning in specific educational areas.

The article by Mindy McAdams and Stephanie Berger cracked open my thinking about hypertext. It goes beyond merely clicking and linking. It goes to rethinking how we write and how we read, thus ultimately how we learn. Relearning how to read deeply in hypertextual environments will need to be a future focus in education.

Edits to this wiki included

  • formatting, moving items, adding coloured headers for each key section
  • change the title on one of the history subsections to include Berners-Lee's name since each of the other sections had names of historically important people.
  • check all the links to make sure they still worked, moved links to external sites to the 'links' section, fixed a few links that no longer worked, added some new links
  • added a new section to connect to purposes for hypertext links in web design and inserted a chart
  • added a new section on Hypertext in Education to link the idea of hypertext to learning theories and educational practices
  • changed the title 'Applications' to 'See Also'
  • added in another section to 'related links' to include internal and external links that may not have already been included in the entry
  • uploaded and linked graphic of hypertext linked book Traumgedanken that connects to the idea of how reading in a hypertextual environment needs to change
  • added and corrected references to APA style

All in all, some of the changes were merely cosmetic, giving better readability, while others added to the concept of what hypertext is all about and how it links to educational considerations.

Helen DeWaard, February 2011