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Main changes

Mary’s Rationale

This edit includes additions to the entry Scaffolding under the topic Pedagogical Models. I first learned about scaffolding when studying Vigotsky and Bruner in another course. I am very interesting in the topic since I am trying to incorporate it in my classroom. I teach French, so I thought it would be interesting to include scaffolding when teaching a second language. I used the theoretical bases of Vigotsky, Bruner and Krashen to explain scaffolding in the acquisition of a second language. The additions include the sections Implications on second language acquisition, the importance of visual scaffolding for ESL students, Vygotsky: Scaffolding and Language acquisition, Krashen: Theory of second language acquisition and Bruner: Scaffolding and language acquisition. Furthermore, I added references for the new additions and additional references related to scaffolding and language acquisition.