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[Robert M. Gagne]

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It all started in a 5000 watt radio station in Fresno, California. Robert M. Gagne (August 21, 1919 - April, 28, 2002), was born a poor sharecropper's son but he had dreams. Dreams of events. Nine of them all together in fact. And these events were going to rock the world.

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Gaining attention XXXXXXXXX
Informing the learner of the objective XXXXXXX
Stimulating recall of prerequisite learned capabilities XXXXXX
Presenting the stimulus material XXXXXXXXXX
Providing learning guidance XXXXXXXX
Eliciting performance XXXXXXXXX
Providing feedback about performance correctness XXXXXXXXXXX
Assessing the performance XXXXXXXX
Enhancing retention and transfer XXXXXXXXXX.

Contributions to Learning Theories


Instructional Systems Design [1]